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We specialise in building and installing superior quality Room dividers, cubicle partitions and acoustic screens across Australia to help businesses from all industries and public institutions make their space more efficient

Room Divider 360, navy blue, set in L-shape - Portable Partitions
Acoustic Room Dividers 8 Products
Acoustic Sound Panels
Acoustic Sound Panels 3 Products
Office Privacy Partitioning - Portable Partitions
Acoustic Privacy Screens 7 Products
Cubicle Workstations - Portable Partitions
Workstation Cubicles and Screens 2 Products
Fabric panels, as pinboard - Portable Partitions
Economy Room Dividers 8 Products
Large Wall Partition - Select The Right Operable Wall - Portable Partitions
Operable Walls 2 Products

Portable Partitions are perfect for

From helping employees in open office plans keep their privacy & high productivity to elaborating ways to make Education and Hospitality Institutions space more flexible, our dedicated team is here to respond to all inquiries and advise your organisation on the best methods to optimise your space with room divisions and partitions.

In the Office

In the Office

In the classroom

In the classroom

Pubs & Clubs

Pubs & Clubs

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Flexible & Adaptable Space

Smarter use of existing space is becoming an increasingly common requirement, often on a budget. Our flexible and adaptable product configurations enables us to offer a solution for every project.

Easy Set-Up

Most of our products ship semi assembled. Simply unbox and use easy setup guide to place into position. No need for professional building services or installers.

Fast Shipping

All products are in stock and available to order directly through the website or via phone. The majority can be dispatched next day for delivery across Australia.

Australian Made

The majority of our products are manufactured, assembled and shipped directly from our Sydney factory ensuring the highest quality.

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