360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider (Fabric)


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Product Description

The 360® Acoustic Portable Divider is one of our most popular partitions. It features our patented 360° rotating hinges. This room divider is easy to use and offers more durability compared to most room dividers on the market. The patented 360° hinge allows for arrangement options not found on competitor’s room dividers, which often use inflexible piano hinges with plastic locks. Our hinge allows each panel to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility and infinite arrangement options. Portable Partitions’ 360® Acoustic Portable Divider represents the top industry standards when it comes to creating impromptu office workstations or classroom areas.

Product Feature

Multiple Configurations

Patented 360 degree articulating hinges allow full rotation of each panel to allow easy manipulation and infinite configurations including zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line.

Sound Dampening

Engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides and specialist acoustic fabric for superior acoustic performance.


Fully tackable surface accepts pins for posting artwork or signage allowing you to create your own mobile gallery or display board.


Mix and match fabric colours and finishes (fabric and polycarbonate) to create your own unique product. Company logos and artwork can also be printed directly onto panels.

Easy to move and store

Lightweight and easy to move and store. Folds down to 85cm x 85cm. Simply roll away when not in use for quick and easy storage.


Additional Information


Beige, Black, Charcoal, Cloud grey, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow


1.83m, 2.02m, 2.29m


2.59 (3 Panels), 4.27 (5 panel), 5.94 (7 panel), 7.62 (9 panel)


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