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About Us

We believe you should be able to adapt your space at any time, with no downtime or additional costs.


Who we are

We’re Australia’s leading and most trusted supplier of Portable Room Dividers, Privacy Screens, Operable Walls, Office Cubicles and Health Protection Screens.

With clients in almost every vertical, each product is designed to make better use of existing spaces or create new spaces for multiple requirements on demand.

Our Story

Portable Partitions Australia was created to provide Australian organisations a fast and easy way to divide a space without the long and costly process of engaging a builder.

Today we build a range of commercial Room Dividers, Operable Walls, Office Cubicles and Protection screens that give organisations the flexibility they need to adapt their space while helping them save time and money when compared to traditional alternatives.

Our Customers

Because of the flexibility of our products our customers include schools, colleges, offices, retail, pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, sports centres, churches, exhibition centres, hotels, airports, hospitals and clinics, residential and many more.

Thanks to our reliability, product quality and pricing we have become an official go – to supplier for the government, education departments in every state, mayor airports, casino’s and health institutions in every state.

Our People

Tony Haydar - General Manager

Tony is our General Manager and comes from a background of sales, marketing, recruitment and consulting.

He knows the products inside out as he has spent many long late nights working away to improve the products and their manufacturing processes.

When he gets a chance he still likes to spend a stint on the factory floor with the production team but he is mostly found in the office running day to day operations or chatting with customers.

Tony Haydar - General Manager
Rebecca Bailey - Office Manager

Rebecca Bailey - Office Manager

Rebecca is our resident Kiwi, and Customer Service and Office Manager.

Chances are if you call or email us, it will be Rebecca who will answer your questions or provide the information you’re looking for.

As a former professional and Olympic Cyclist, she spent a lot of time living in Europe and the USA. This was followed by several years living and working in New York, London, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Luckily for us, she’s chosen the Northern Beaches as her home, moving here eight years ago. She has a Commerce degree in Finance and International Business. After time working in the city, in large Financial Service Institutions, she was looking for a ‘change’.

Now she loves working in a smaller, interpersonal, local business, working and contributing in the community she lives in.

Rebecca loves to be outdoors – running, on her bike and in the water. She enjoys cooking and cuisine, and is an avid follower of almost any sport, with rugby and motorsport at the top of the list.

Ernesto Ortiz - Consultant

Ernesto is our in house consultant and one of our latest incorporations to the team.

He believes people are happier when they do work they love so he is dedicated in helping others reach their goals.

As a former Structural Engineer with experience in management, strategy, data, content production and digital marketing Ernesto works as a creative problem solver, helping us diagnose problems, identifying opportunities and leading projects that help the businesses grow.

When not working you’ll find Ernesto playing outdoor sports, spending time in nature or documenting his experiences through photographs and short films.

Ernesto Ortiz - Consultant

Sujan Kunwar - Warehouse assistant

Sujan is one of the most interesting and colourful characters you’ll find on a production crew.

From Nepal, he speaks three languages and has worked as a Sherpa in the Himalayas. He also has degrees in biology and business.

Sujan has been part of the PPA Team for three years, and keeps everyone on their toes.

Our factory

Located in Sydney (Brookvale NSW) the factory is where all products are manufactured and shipped from Australia and New Zealand wide on a daily basis. It’s also where the office headquarters are, giving management direct oversight of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and deadlines are met.

The factory helps us build our products locally in Australia with local employees which leads to affordable pricing as well as faster and cheaper delivery when compared to other partition importers.

Our Products

Our products are used just about anywhere and our clients have used our partitions to create everything from:

  • meeting rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • break-out areas
  • office work spaces
  • office cubicles
  • mobile galleries
  • classroom project walls
  • pinboard walls
  • different learning environments
  • to hide equipment or storage areas
  • for social distancing and crowd control in airports and venues.
  • for social distancing in point of sale or customer service counters

As an overview of our product categories

The Room Divider product range offers the easiest, most flexible and convenient way of dividing or creating a new area within a room.

The Privacy Screen range is best for giving that extra privacy to a workstation, desk or small area within a room.

Our Operable Walls offer a great alternative to traditional moving walls giving 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost and in a timeframe of days instead of months.

Our Modular Office Cubicles and Screens use a modular system that work like legos, giving office planners the ability to create custom layouts from scratch. Most importantly they let them reconfigure a space as the needs change over time without additional reconfiguration costs. Usually installed in a single day, they are extremely convenient when compared to the long office downtime traditional fit out solutions offer.

Our Protection Screens help Australian businesses maintain social distancing with a physical barrier when close customer interactions are necessary or when crowd control and space segmentation is required.

Our Research and Blog

Helping our customers is our number one priority and understanding their needs is critical to our business success. We’ve created original research for important industries which we publish in the form of white papers that help our customers make better decisions about using their existing space. Until now we have published:

  • The Role of Office Partitioning in Effective Workspace Management – Balancing Cost, Flexibility and Functionality
  • Creating the Optimum Learning Environment – The Evolving Classroom Experience
  • Expanding the Role of Pharmacies – Utilising Flexible Space Solutions
  • The Future of Education in Light of Covid -19

We also have a blog which helps us publish relevant industry information for the different industries that we serve as well as client case studies. Please take a look at some of our latest case studies

Case Studies

Insurance Brokerage Office in Far North Queensland Install Countertop Protection Screen

As COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise across the globes, it appears that the end is farther from sight than anticipated. This means that businesses needs to remain vigilant and put the proper precautions in place to help protect both their staff and their customers from the threat posed by the coronavirus.  For a business […]

F45 Gym Use Portable Partitions To Divide Room And Allow More Members To Train

Gyms are beginning to reopen across the country and for those who have been suffering the mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic such as stress the reopening could not have come at a better time. While it means that gym-goers can get back in shape and improve their mental health, the reopenings are coming […]

Queensland Medical Centre Protect Staff and Patients With Countertop Protection Screen

Medical centres and workers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, and even though numbers have been slowly declining, preventing a resurgence is critical. The ease with which the virus spreads makes ensuring staff safety during COVID-19 the utmost importance for medical centres across the globe, like at Weyba Medical Centre. Weyba Medical […]

Rockhampton School Use Countertop Protection Screen to Ensure Staff Safety at Reception

Colleges have been particularly hit with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With enrollment rates down and many people fearful of returning to large institutions, colleges like Emmaus College are determining new ways to maintain staff safety during COVID-19 and ensure that students feel safe and protected against the effects of the wide-spread coronavirus.  Colleges, […]

Perth Veterinary Clinic Use Countertop Protection Screen to Keep Staff Safe

GoVets Greenwood is a full service veterinary hospital that provides consultations, vaccinations, laboratory services, ultrasound, surgical theatre, radiography and a mobile veterinary service for patients who need in-home care. In addition to the standard veterinary service, GoVets Greenwood also provides hydrobath and grooming services, doggy daycare, and pet boarding facilities to cats and dogs.  They […]

Queensland Medical Surgery Installs Bench Top Protection Screen to Keep Frontline Staff Safe During COVID-19

Beaudesert Road Surgery, a frontline healthcare service provider, has been working hard to provide staff safety during COVID-19 as well as a safe environment for the patients that require their services. The practice provides a number of healthcare services for adults, children, and the elderly as well as prenatal care, women’s health services, chronic disease […]

Case Study: A Moss Vale Pharmacy Installs Countertop Workplace Protection Screen To Keep Staff Safe from COVID-19

Moss Vale Community Pharmacy provides a full range of pharmacy services for their local community, from prescription dispersion and management to pharmaceutical instruction and counselling. Being a community-based company means that they are highly sensitive to their customers’ wants and needs. That includes staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This desire for protection not only extends […]

Fast and Flexible Acoustic Panel just what the doctor ordered

With a booming practice since first opening in 2006, the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre needed more office space. However after getting the keys to their new office, Director Sheley Hyman was shocked when partition builders came back with 3-4 month timeframes to install fixed office partitions to create three private workstations. Dr Hyman needed to give […]

Real estate agent creates pockets of privacy with the Acoustic Panel Modular Workstation Partition System

Raine & Horne Werribee, in Melbourne’s suburbs, was looking for a way of giving their real estate property managers some privacy and sound isolation during phone calls with clients. They had an an open space that had some existing offices, they needed to augment that space to utilise the open plan area but create more office space […]

Style, comfort and versatility in Australian offices, no longer an extravagant expense – Jones Lang LaSalle

Australian office managers need to know that they’re making the most of their workspace. The time of cubicles has come and gone a long time ago, and in the spirit of open and honest cooperation, office managers these days prefer to have multiple employees working in the same room or even the same desk. This […]

Defining Kitchen Zones Using Mobile Privacy Screens – My Muscle Chef

Having a five-star kitchen is enviable, but most chefs opt for functionality over aesthetics every time. In commercial kitchens, a good workflow design is paramount. Team members have specific designations and assignments and everyone depends on everyone else following through with their responsibilities. There is harmony and balance where everyone has their own place in the […]

Acacia Law redefines their office with a stylish pop-up meeting room

Many companies that move into new office premises are under pressure to ensure they are fully utilising all available floor space. Often it’s difficult to fully visualise how a new office layout will look and work until you have actually moved in.  It’s often at this point you realise that the initial floor plan worked […]

Using mobile whiteboard dividers in a modern flexible classroom

Northern Beaches Christian School Creating Ample Functional Space to Accommodate a Flexible Classroom is a Common Conundrum in Schools Today Modern educators face a seemingly non-stop barrage of challenges in reaching their impressionable students, thanks to an ever-flourishing deluge of technology and other distractions. Teachers also deal with varying degrees of parental involvement, along with […]

Creating a temporary corridor through a function area from kitchen to cafe

Many restaurants that are both function centres and cafes face a challenge with maintaining ideal dining atmospheres for all of their patrons. Special events in the function centre require a certain air of privacy, but at the same time the cafe needs to appear open and welcoming to the public. It can be very difficult to maintain both of […]

Custom Room Dividers with Decals Keep The Star Casino Running During Construction

One of the challenges many businesses face is how to keep running during construction, remodels and repairs. Although a business might want to remain open to paying customers, it’s also important to serve those customers in a professional environment. A simple solution is to use room dividers and mobile walls as a flexible, temporary means [...]

How a Flexible Office Can Make Your Office a Happy Destination for Your Employees

It seems that nearly everyone is looking for a sense of balance amid the flurry of the modern world. As a manager, CEO or other company official, you try to find the balance between remaining a profitable force in your industry while your employees seek to find balance between working hard to help meet your [...]

Mobile Room Dividers Help Organise Large Spaces for this Auction House

Often, a huge warehouse could turn out to be a more expensive option for a business, given that it comes in one undivided space. As your business grows, so does your need to section off and group products, services, and offices, which could mean bloated expenses here and there. While some would opt to just […]

When you Think Education in 2016, you think flexibility

Private college Think Education is using Portable Partitions’ mobile dividers with whiteboard panels to create innovative, flexible classroom environments. College students need functional spaces in order to be successful. Some projects demand quiet study spaces, while others require a collaborative space. The mobile dividers enable the college’s students and staff to create educational spaces to meet all of […]

Using mobile room dividers to create ideal treatment rooms in any salon

For beauty salons and other small businesses, it seems like space is at an all-time premium these days—and managing space effectively is critical. You want to maximize your space without investing a lot of time and money. Now you can! Read on to learn about using portable room dividers to create flexible treatment rooms in […]

Hiding a Messy Onsite Kitchen Using Mobile Room Dividers

Large banquets sometimes require onsite kitchen areas to help in food service and preparation.  This is often the case when food is needed to be served fresh, hot, and fast to event participants, but kitchen facilities are not anywhere near the venue. In this set-up, a messy food prep area can be unavoidable where busy […]

A Sydney Islamic centre finds a flexible way of separating the faithful

Multi-purpose halls and event centres cater to a wide array of customer needs.  Most often than not venues are offered bare, allowing the customer to customise it according to their preference. When an Islamic function centre in Sydney was built, its main halls had big spaces that can accommodate a large number of people and […]

Splitting Daycare Classrooms Using Custom Height Room Dividers

A critical part of learning is ensuring a good ratio between educator and students. Having this privilege means educators will have more time and focus on their students’ individual learning needs. This dedicated attention can spell the difference in a child’s learning especially in their early developmental stages. As a result, a better learning environment […]

Easily Set Up an Office Meeting Area Within a Room Using Mobile Office Partitions

Every business is serious business, and none more serious than that of a mortgage broker.  Finding finance for a new home is no laughing matter and a mortgage broker can really help young families make the right choice. To ensure the best environment when meeting with clients making a big decision such as this, keeping […]

Dividing Function Rooms Using Mobile Room Dividers

Function rooms and banquet halls are a critical part of the hospitality industry. They are a regular fix in hotels, restaurants, and registered clubs because they essentially satisfy the need for a place where people can gather, meet, greet, eat, play, and celebrate – all at the same time. One place where function rooms are […]

How Portable Room Dividers Can Cluster Students During Exams

Exam week is usually that time in a given school year where students worry – a lot. They are concerned for the most obvious reason – fear of failing an exam, which is naturally good. So they know what they need to do during ‘hell week’ – bury their heads in books and hope to pass […]

Create Additional Meeting Rooms Using Sliding Office Partitions

According to Jon Ryburg, an organisational psychologist and President of the Facility Performance Group who advises companies on office design and ‘meeting ergonomics’, “More and more companies are team-based companies, and in team-based companies most work gets done in meetings.” Basically, he tells his clients to double their meeting space if they have not done […]

Using Custom Whiteboards in Office Partitions to Aid in Office Collaboration

Collaborative work spaces continue to be the “in” thing for most companies.  Businesses look for ways to provide collaborative work environments for their employees because the benefits are abound. From sharing of knowledge, instant communication, trust building among group members, and giving staff a broader understanding of their work, collaborative work spaces really focus on the effectiveness of the group […]

A Private Dining Experience Using Mobile Privacy Screens

Other than a great conversation between family and friends, the recipe for a great dining experience includes great food, attentive service, and an ambience that suggests good vibes in all angles. But the restaurant business is becoming more and more cutthroat.  Diners aren’t just looking for great tasting food; they are now experimental and want […]

10 Ways to Use Mobile Room Dividers in Registered Clubs

Mobile room dividers have come a long way.  Dating back to Chinese antiquity, they were big and heavy, almost immoveable, and showcased decorative elements and intricate workmanship, which is why they were mostly used by royalty (and why they were expensive).   Nowadays, mobile room dividers are still very popular.  But more than decorative pieces […]

Creating Instant Collaborative Workspaces Using Mobile Office Partitions

Offices need collaborative workspaces. More than a trend, it is a necessity especially for tasks that include project management where instant communication is at a premium, where a number of key people and multiple departments are involved, where targets have stricter deadlines, and where a consistent flow of information and brainstorming sessions comprise the daily […]

Improving a Retail Store Layout Using Mobile Dividers

Retail store selling has evolved.  These days, a sale doesn’t rely entirely on the product anymore.  Marketing, accessibility, pricing, and other factors – they all form part of what drives consumer behaviour. One important and emerging trend that affects sales is store layout.  A retail store layout can be an important driving factor from getting […]

A First-Class Sports Facility Using Multi-Purpose Room Dividers

Australians love their sports. From Australian rules football, cricket, and rugby, to basketball, motor sports, and even horse racing, their sporting landscape is broad and disciplined, and has very well defined the country as a consistent sporting powerhouse. On the international scene, there is the Australian Open and the Australian Grand Prix where the world […]

Sectioning Off Maintenance Work in an Industrial Warehouse Using Polycarbonate Panels

Maintenance work is one of the most unavoidable but very important assignments in any industrial facility. Neglecting it in the long run can seriously affect core business functions – from R&D and engineering to production and distribution.  It can even put a toll on even the most mundane of administrative tasks in any office. No […]

Instant Mobile Changing Rooms in an Aquatic Centre

For fitness clubs, swimming facilities, and activity centres, there is a growing need to create mobile changing rooms that can easily be setup when needed, or kept when not in use.  The reason is because this may come in handy during peak hours when members may overcrowd at the changing room area.   To avoid […]

A Country Club Using Mobile Partitions to Add Rooms and Initiate Social Interaction

In an effort to attract new members and retain existing patrons, country clubs across the country are doing everything to keep up with the competition.  From facilities, amenities, and services upgrade to aggressive marketing and much lenient implementation of club rules and guidelines, country clubs know how cutthroat the industry is, how members are becoming […]

Big Hall, Small Events, No Problem with Portable Room Dividers

Hampton Park Progress Association (HPPA) is a non-profit that was established to serve the citizens of Hampton Park and nearby communities with their socio-civic needs.  The organisation, through the use of the Hampton Park facilities, brings together residents and community-based interest groups by organising events aimed at fostering camaraderie and building a strong community spirit. […]

Creating a Private Office Space Using a Sliding Wall Partition System

Unless you have training in Interior Design, it can be tough to see what your office space has to offer. Many modern Australian offices still have ostensibly under-utilized floor space when the modern world already calls for flexibility and adaptability. It is critical as growth and collaboration in the office often need an extra meeting […]

Ultimate Portable Privacy Screen Divider for On-site Clinic Use

On-site and mobile healthcare clinics are nowadays finding a crucial niche in intervening the importance of our health. Commercial and public sectors tend to embrace them upon seeing that it eliminates the need for their employees to travel to a medical center, and deal with long lines and bureaucracy. People working at jobs take less […]

Using Portable Office Partitions as Multi-Functional Walls

Convention and exhibition halls are often huge.  Most of the time, floor areas are used simultaneously for various purposes. As in the case of big events, one part of the exhibition hall may be used as a VIP room, one area as an on-site office for event organizers, multiple areas for break rooms, and another […]

Custom Office Partitions- Wearing the Corporate Colours

A successful Adelaide based real estate agent is faced with an ongoing challenge of managing some louder and more extroverted sales guns. They love the dollars they bring in but they also want to nurture a positive and focused environment for the quieter diligent workers. In fact, there are even times when the deal closers need […]

Cudgen Leagues Club: Tacky to terrific, flexible function rooms with mobile room dividers

Running a busy club with regular events, functions means that sometimes, the space you have doesn’t quite match the needs of your patrons. Cudgen Leagues Club were using a “tacky” curtain to hide their kitchen during functions and often found smaller functions were swimming in too much room and lacked atmosphere. They were looking a […]

Office Partitions – The Key to Creating a Productive Work Environment for all Departments

Within the office environment, many business have outgoing call teams that focus on business development or outbound surveys. These teams are a critical part of many business’ sales functions and data sourcing capabilities. They are also typically noisier than the other parts of the office where individual deliverables are what guides progress. We all need […]

Using Sliding Office Partitions to Create Cubicles for Therapy Sessions

The National Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) identified stress as “the most significant psychological hazard in the workplace, affecting both the mental and physical well-being of people…It is causing Australian businesses over $10 billion dollars per year.” And according to Worksafe through their website (Worksafe.vic.gov.au), “stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation […]

Quick and Cost Effective New Rooms Using Flexible Partitions

Constructing an extra room from start to finish may seem a bit more effort than you would like to commit to. You tend to apprehend the chunk of time and the huge cost that comes along with it – finding it a challenge on how to create this “room within a room” without the need […]

Extending the Living Area into the Balcony Space Using Clear Polycarbonate Partitions

As urban density grows, more and more people are finding themselves in apartments. If you are one of them, you would know the joy of the crisp, calming fresh air in the morning, or of catching the last rays of the afternoon sun, with a refreshing drink in your hand. While many people love using […]

Hiding Unsightly Storage in a School Gym Using Portable Partitions

It is common for schools to have certain areas that are used as open storage facilities. Most often, school gyms and activity areas are those places where certain corners are used as depository for a variety of equipment. Sadly, the sheer volume and variation of equipment stored in gyms means that even when kept in […]

Instant Child-friendly Rooms Using Customised Room Dividers

Kindergarten is an important milestone in a child’s education. It is when children develop their social skills, get exposed to new ideas and concepts, and appreciate the joy of learning with group activities and interaction, such as communicating, drawing, and making things together with other children their age. Teachers and carers look for every opportunity […]

Osteo2U creates mobile treatment rooms that fit at the back of a station wagon

On-site and mobile healthcare clinics are nowadays finding a lucrative niche in providing on-site health care services for employees. The commercial and public sectors are increasingly seeing the value in providing on-site healthcare as it improves employee morale and reduces downtime due to medical appointments and illnesses. For people sitting at a desk all day, back problems [...]

Creating baggage screening areas at Sydney Airport with Portable Partitions

Airports of all sizes require passengers to undergo security screening and have their luggage and hand baggage x-rayed. But since the onset of the September 11 terrorist attack in the US, airports worldwide have become more stringent with security that they find it a constant challenge to balance the need for security screening while maintaining […]

5 Ways Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum Used Mobile Room Dividers

Closed only on Christmas day, the Powerhouse Museum is one of Sydney’s most intriguing and exciting visits for all ages. With a strong focus on creativity and curiosity, and a range of 12 permanent exhibitions, the Powerhouse is complemented by a changing program of temporary exhibitions and displays. This is a very busy venue with […]

Turning one small room into three for Bayside Physiotherapy

Complete patient care was a top priority for Bayside Physiotherapy, a physiotherapy clinic out of Coastal Victoria. As a new small business, they needed a way to create a reception area, waiting room and a therapy area out of a small rented space. When patients came in to seek treatment, they wanted a way to create a […]

Creating Temporary Fencing Using Portable Steel Barricades

Portable Steel Barricades are perfect for blocking traffic at indoor and outdoor events. In the example below, from our partners in the USA, multiple galvanised steel barricades have been linked together to create temporary fencing at Dorney Water Park (USA), to regulate and control queues for attractions at the water park. A perfect solution for […]

Wall-Mounted Classroom Dividers for Schools

Mobile room dividers are popular choices for classroom partitions, largely because they are lightweight, easy to move and multi versatile. A large classroom space can be split and reconfigured to create one-one-one learning areas, group areas or to run a dual class on either side of the divide.  The idea of creating ‘rooms within rooms’ […]

Creating ‘Rooms Within Rooms’ Using Portable Partitions

School and college libraries are often used for a variety of functions beyond simply information sourcing and study. There is often a requirement to create additional temporary break out spaces or ‘rooms within rooms’ to accommodate multiple uses such as group meetings, training sessions or work areas. Flexibility and adaptability of existing space is therefore […]

Cost Effectively Sub-Dividing Large Open Plan Offices Using Temporary Sliding Walls

Flexibility and adaptability of space within modern Australian offices continue to be a critical issue, as the requirement for doing more with less becomes the norm. Open plan offices often lack the capability to be utilised for multi simultaneous purposes such as meetings, training sessions or employee break areas without disrupting or distracting the rest […]

Using Mobile Room Dividers To Create Waxing Booths Within Hairdresser Studio

As hairdressing studios all across Australia continue to broaden their service offerings to thrive and prosper, effective store space utilisation is critical. The service requirements of the store can quickly change based on fashions, fads and short term demands. Space flexibility and adaptability is therefore key to success. Having the ability to create ‘spaces within […]

Reducing Office Distractions And Disruptions Using Freestanding Privacy Screens

Open plan offices can sometimes work better on building plans than they actually do in reality. The need for employee private spaces, or defined employee/customer boundaries, are often overlooked during planning stages. Potential design faults are then only realised once the office is fully functioning. This can be especially problematic if the space also serves […]

Creating Dual-Purpose Administration and Teaching Areas Within Classrooms

With space a premium within many schools across Australia, there is often a requirement to utilise a classroom for both teaching and administrative purposes. Private spaces to conduct one-on-one student sessions are needed, as well as the flexibility to create an in-classroom office space for admin duties. Combining both can be challenging, and often expensive […]

Creating Private Consultation Booths Within Pharmacies Using Portable Privacy Screens

With the current trend towards a larger and more diversified service offering, far beyond that of the traditional product dispenser, pharmacies are facing an increasing need to adapt their current store space to accommodate and capitilise. Many exiting pharmacy spaces require more flexible and adaptable spaces to address consultation privacy requirements without compromising critical floor space. […]

Generating Additional Revenue Streams Using Portable Room Dividers

Many Australian Pubs & Clubs are under ongoing financial stress to ensure operating costs are minimalised and that any new purchases made are fully maximized. In additional to this, Pubs & Clubs are constantly looking for new ways to help create additional income streams to ensure they can survive and prosper, often against a backdrop […]

Minimising Distractions Within Churches Using Portable Privacy Screens

Accommodating privacy needs for mothers to tend their young child is a crucial requirement in most churches. A dedicated space or room is often required, but can be difficult to accommodate given existing church space configurations. Expensive and disruptive building works are sometimes required to create these dedicated spaces, which can severely impact church funds […]

Avoiding Costly Classroom Building Renovations Using Temporary Walls

The modern school today faces increasing difficulty in terms of available classroom space capacity to accommodate an ever growing list of classes, clubs and activities. Whilst schools are keen to encourage personal student growth and development beyond the standard timetable, they are often hampered by a severe lack of available space to satisfy the demand. […]

Creating Multi-Function Spaces Within Church Centres Using Mobile Room Dividers

In today’s society churches and religious centres are seen and used as more than just places of worship, but also act as key focal community hubs as well. Functions, meetings, celebrations and classes all happen in and around the religious centre. This can often cause strain on already stretched facilities in terms of space capacity.  […]

Creating Mobile Artwork Galleries Using Portable Privacy Screens

Many schools purchase portable privacy screens as a way of creating smaller spaces within existing classrooms. However, for some schools, the requirement can sometimes be more creative and often they are also looking at innovative ways to use the portable screen beyond that of a simple room divider. Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market leading […]

Dampening Unwanted Noise At Home Using Mobile Room Dividers

The many uses of mobile room dividers and portable partitions are hugely varied and often encompass both commercial and residential applications. Having adaptable and flexible space within the home is increasing important, especially if you have a budding musician in the house!  Unwanted noise created by late night rehearsals and practice sessions often need to […]

Creating Temporary Storage Spaces For Pubs & Clubs Using Portable Partitions

On-site storage capacity for many Australian Pubs & Clubs can often be an issue.  Large amounts of equipment and furniture are required to be stored within the venue and available for use at any given time. Dedicated storage areas quickly reach capacity and the venue is often forced to make temporary storage areas within any […]

Maximising Office Space Using Portable Partitions

Many companies that move into new office premises are under pressure to ensure they are fully utilising all available floor space. Often it’s difficult to fully visualise how a new office layout will look and work until you have actually move in.  It’s often at this point you realise that the initial floor plan worked […]

Creating Flexible Office Meeting Spaces Using Portable Room Dividers

Although the overall headcount in offices remains reasonably static across Australia, many offices still need to better utilise their existing space. Adaptability of space is therefore critical to accommodate multiple requirements such as meetings, functions and training sessions – often at short notice. Portable Partitions Australia (PPA), the market leading supplier of portable room dividers and mobile […]

Overcoming Space Limitations Within Australian Childcare Centres Using Portable Room Dividers

When it comes maximising limited working space, the Australian Child Care sector is under increasing pressure to do more with less. With a chronic shortage of availability at most centres leading to long waiting lists, it’s becoming increasingly important for all existing and new centres to ensure they are effectively utilising their available space. We were […]

Portable Partitions for Pharmacies & Chemists – Private Consultation

A portable partition system supplied by Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) has been recently used to create a temporary customer consultation booth within a Queensland based Pharmacy. There is currently an ever increasing demand on pharmacies, from both consumers and government, to broaden their current service offering to include more in-store medical consultations, lifestyle consultations and […]

IGA Jamberoo Complies With New Government Regulations Using A Custom Portable Partition

Government legislation can be unforgiving for some small businesses. Here at Portable Partitions Australia we understand the need to get the right product in your business on time . When necessary we are happy to go the extra mile so you can focus on doing business. Take this story of Carmel from IGA Jamberoo who […]

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