SoundSorb Ceiling Tiles

Product Description

Our new SoundSorb Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are ideal for offices who need to improve the acoustics of their workplace without building works and affordably, these acoustic ceiling tiles will allow you to easily and affordably achieve NRC values upwards of .80. With multiple colours and sizes, these effective and light weight ceiling tiles will provide an attractive and modern look to your space.

Product Details

    • Available in both 600mm x 1200mm and 600mm x 600mm sizes, our SoundSorb Ceiling Tiles are designed for easy replacement of your existing suspended ceiling tiles.

From the bottle to the panel – Our acoustical products are made from PET bottles which are turned into a soft yet strong material that is durable and has great acoustical performance.

Made from 100% high-density polyester fibers, our new acoustical ceiling tiles are extremely lightweight. They have superior sound dampening qualities, they are also fire resistant, mould and moisture proof and environmentally friendly.

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Black, Blue, Cloud grey






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