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A more flexible and adaptable classroom allows space to be tailored specifically to the purpose of each class.

Adaptable Classrooms

Learning environments that are active, cooperative and engaging serve to benefit teachers and students alike. Many current classrooms still fail to utilise their potential. By rethinking the classroom experience, however, educators can maximise learning opportunities and create meaningful experiences.

A more flexible and adaptable classroom allows space to be tailored specifically to the purpose of each class. For example, sections can be cordoned off for quiet reading, individual research or group discussions.

As well as physical flexibility, budget flexibility is another important consideration. Full scale building renovation can be both costly and disruptive and often fails to deliver the flexibility required.

For these reasons, there is now a distinct move towards sourcing more temporary or semi-permanent options.

Our bands are loving the acoustic benefits and the dance groups love the fact that they can separate the room for rehearsals. We have used the temporary wall in a variety of ways so far, including as a display board for our 60th Celebration materials.

Jane Williams, Deputy Principal / Collaroy Plateau Public School


Give a Morden Look to Your Classroom with Wall Partition - Portable Partitions
360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider in Polycarbonate in a classroom - Portable Partitions

Flexible Solutions for Classrooms, Gyms, Assembly Halls and Staff Areas

As Australia’s leading portable classroom divider brand, we are perfectly positioned to help schools and colleges build better learning environments.

Rather than installing fixed partitions systems, portable classroom dividers can offer greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. They can be used for more than just dividing classroom space and can be thought of as mobile teaching resources.

Portable Classroom Divider Benefits

  • Excellent noise barriers, providing temporary privacy solution or break out areas as and when required.
  • A new space or split space can be created in a matter of seconds – for however long it’s required – and can be packed away just as easily.
  • Easy to fold, move and store.
  • One multi-purpose classroom can be transformed into a technology hub, a group learning room and a one-to-one student and teacher area in a matter of seconds – for however long it’s required.
  • Whiteboards, chalkboards and presentation devises such as small flat screen TV’s can also be hung from the top of the dividers creating mobile classrooms.
  • A specialist range of engineered acoustic polycarbonate classroom dividers are also available that are highly durable, 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Ideal for the rigorous demands of schools and daycare.
Divide any room with a 360 Acoustic Portable Partition in Polycarbonate

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The Evolving Classroom Experience – Creating the Optimum Learning Environment

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