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Despite the ongoing trend towards an open plan office environment, blindly following this trend could be could be costing your business.

Why use partitions in an office space?

Despite the ongoing trend towards an open plan office environment, blindly following this trend could be could be costing your business.

Open plan offices are often implemented with the belief that they increase collaboration and is key to many organisations. But how does forcing workers to do everything out in the open affect employee health and productivity?

The right office partition solution can help strike a balance between collaboration and concentration by sectioning off areas for special uses and reducing annoying and distracting office sounds.

360 Acoustic Room Divider in Polycarbonate in an Office - Portable Partitions
Give a Morden Look to WorkSpace with Office Partitions - Portable Partitions

Four main ways to divide an office

There are four main solutions:

  • Studded Wall Systems and Fixed Office Partitions
  • Operable Wall Systems (like Hufcor)
  • Wall mounted office partitions
  • Freestanding movable office partitions

Finding the right solution that matches your organisations space needs and budget can be a challenge.

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