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Space is becoming more premium and the demands to do more with less increases. In the face of this, patient expectations on timely treatment in well managed and presented facilities is also forever increasing.

Space Challenges

Both the Australian healthcare and aged care industries face constant pressures created largely by an increasing aging population, causing strain on already over stretched facilities

Space is becoming more premium and the demands to do more with less increases. In the face of this, patient expectations on timely treatment in well managed and presented facilities is also forever increasing.

Space adaptability and effective space management is therefore critical.

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Mobile Room Divider - Designer Partitions Wall - Portable Partitions

Mobile Room Divider Benefits

  • Sound absorbing materials are used on many of our partitions thus creating excellent noise barriers, providing temporary privacy solution as and when required.
  • A private space, break out area, waiting room, meeting room or consultation booths can be created in a matter of seconds – for however long it’s required.
  • Easy to fold, move and store when not in use.
  • A specialist range of engineered acoustic polycarbonate partitions are also available. They are highly durable, 100% waterproof and easy to clean making them an effective tool in the fight against the spread of infections.

Flexible Space Solutions

Privacy is of paramount importance when it comes to patients at a hospital or other medical facility. After all, not only do many procedures and examinations involve putting a patient in a compromising or embarrassing position, there is also the potential to inadvertently pass along health information that is deemed private. Is this privacy worth further damaging the health of patients who are already sick, though? Exactly how much privacy is being afforded to your patients when the acoustic properties of the typical hospital curtain are minimal at best?

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