When you Think Education in 2016, you think flexibility

Private college Think Education is using Portable Partitions’ mobile dividers with whiteboard panels to create innovative, flexible classroom environments. College students need functional spaces in order to be successful. Some projects demand quiet study spaces, while others require a collaborative space. The mobile dividers enable the college’s students and staff to create educational spaces to meet all of their needs.

The barriers are used to separate quiet work spaces from collaborative work areas, serving as both a physical barrier and a noise barrier. The dividers are also used to turn one large classroom into two smaller classrooms, a perfect way to maximize space for small class sizes.The dividers enable the college’s students and staff to create dynamic and innovative spaces that enhance learning.


Partitions Stand - Portable Partitions Sound Proof Room Dividers - Portable Partitions


With these mobile dividers, teachers at Think Education are able to create classrooms that meet their needs in a manner of seconds. Classrooms can be divided up into technology centers, lecture spaces, group study rooms and one-on-one spaces to greatly benefit students and teachers. Whiteboards and televisions used in conjunction with the barriers are also used to enhance the spaces. Mobile dividers were also a much more affordable option for Think Education than remodeling, and are a perfect addition to Think Education’s modern classrooms.

Space has been a problem for many schools and educational institutions in Australia, but Think Education has been enabled to overcome potential space problems with a mobile dividers solution. Think Education prides itself on enabling students to learn from anywhere they choose, and the mobile dividers on their campus will give their students even more flexibility. With a variety of students with different learning styles and a wide variety of courses taught at Think Education, mobile dividers were the perfect choice to meet their space needs.