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Sports Room Dividers


With sports and leisure facilities now being utilised for multiple sports, multiple ages and multiple events either in competition or for daily/weekly classes – there is a real need for adaptable spaces to match these

Adaptable Space Requirements

With sports and leisure facilities now being utilised for multiple sports, multiple ages and multiple events either in competition or for daily/weekly classes – there is a real need for adaptable spaces to match these requirements.

In addition to sporting events, there are many other activities that happen in or around the sports and leisure facility such as private functions, meetings and celebrations. This can often cause strain on already stretched facilities and additional key revenue sources are potentially missed as a consequence.

Maximum space versatility and adaptability is therefore critical to accommodate multiple requirements – often at short notice. Cavernous and unwelcoming spaces can also be transformed into more inviting and useful smaller spaces.

Maximum Space Adaptability - Instant Partitions in Hotels Hall - Portable Partitions
Flexible Mobile Divider - Portable Partitions

Mobile Room Divider Benefits

  • Sound absorbing materials are used on many of our partitions thus creating excellent noise barriers, providing temporary privacy solution as and when required.
  • A private space, meeting room, change room or sporting arena can be created in a matter of seconds – for however long it’s required – and can be packed away just as easily.
  • Easy to move, fold and store – when not in use simply roll them away
  • A specialist range of engineered acoustic polycarbonate partitions are also available. They are highly durable and are 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or need further assistance in helping select the correct room divider for your requirement then please get in touch today.

Flexible Space Solutions

We can help make better use of your existing space through intelligent space saving or space enhancing room dividers.

We offer a range room dividers that are purpose built for sports and leisure environments. They are designed to provide a temporary or semi-permanent solution and offer maximum flexibility in terms of room configuration.

Costly building work and unadaptable spaces can be avoided by considering cheaper and more versatile temporary room dividing solutions.

Flexible Solutions for Wall Partition - Portable Partitions

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