Afford-a-wall Sliding Mobile Room Divider (Fabric)


Product Description

Looking to create an instant partition? Portable Partitions’s Afford-A-Wall Sliding Mobile Room Divider, which features our patented sliding mechanism, is your solution. This product is a telescoping partition that expands up to 7′ long. You can choose from flat feet or the wheeled option and height options – 1.83m and 2.02m with wheels.

This affordable product includes some of the same top-of-the-line features from our premium product line. The sliding mechanism allows each panel to glide open or closed in a telescoping fashion so you can create a straight line, anytime and every time. The fully-tackable and pushpin accepting fabric panels make this a popular choice for displaying art or office signage. 

Product Details

  • The partition has a lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame, sound-dampening fabric, and come with a two-year warranty
  • Product is manufactured in in two heights – 1.83m / 2.02m
  • There are seven different fabric colours – Beige, Black, Charcoal, Cloud Grey, Navy Blue, Red, and Yellow
  • Sliding partitions have telescopic panels, opens and closes in a straight line. 

Product Feature

Sliding Panels

Expand this partition into any length up to 2.13m

Superior Sound

Engineered panels with a honeycomb cell core enhance sound dampening and offer greater acoustic control

Tackable Fabric

Create a mobile display gallery by tacking artwork, signage or notes

Customize & Personalize

Select from a wide range of fabrics and finishing options to create the ideal space

Safety Standards

No-pinch seams and full end panels enhance safety and stability

Pack & Store

Extruded and lightweight aluminum partition is easy to close, move, and store

Quick Assembly

Have your set-up ready to go in just 5 minutes with simple assembly

Manufactured in Australia

Designed & produced at our Sydney factory using the highest quality components


Additional Information

With Wheels

Yes, No


Beige, Black, Charcoal, Cloud grey, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow


1.83m, 2.02m




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