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Our Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition is a toolless, fully-customizable, modern office workstation solution that provides unlimited possibilities for designing & constructing cubicles or work areas.

Everything you see on this page can be created with a combination of the 6 components.

Work out what you need and order online by following step 1-6, or give us a call anytime and we can give you expert advice on a great configuration your space.


How it works

The HushPanel is an acoustically rated modular system to create workstation cubicles and partitions that can be re-arranged and moved with no tools.

Perfect for call centers, a busy customer service department, or even a health-care intake office — the HushPanel is a thick, 2-inch wide, panel specifically designed with sound-dampening acoustic properties to help keep personal information private.

Our E-84 Fire Safe fiberglass panels are available with or without polycarbonate glass windows.

Posts & Panels

At the heart of the HushPanel is the post and panel system which allows the flexibility in creating your space.

Arrangement and assembly

Perhaps the best thing about the HushPanel is its ability to create a wide range of modern office spaces that you can change, add or re-arrange your system as the needs arise, without getting in costly contractors.

Building with the Hush Panel system is easy. A good starting point is to arrange the feet first.

Next, place the panel between the feet, and slide the posts through the panel and into the feet.

Repeat for each additional panel

The Hush Panel is infinitely expandable, allowing it to grow along with your organization.

Example Configurations

Modesty protector desk partition – $810

At the heart of the the strength of the Hush Panel system is the is a right angle design which makes it incredibly stable. Customers have used this low configuration can help keep modesty around almost any desk or as a soft way to demark office and warehouse zones.



What is in this setup?

1_30px 3x HushPanel Medium (1.23m) Posts
 2_30px 2x HushPanel Medium Acoustic Panel (1.83m x 1.23m)

Cubicle Workstation with poly topped side

This cubicle with will help dampen and block sound to enhance concentration as well as letting in extra light. This, along with other high configuration works well with both traditional desks, standing desks and sit-stand models. This configuration supports a desk space of up to 2.4m, including corner desks up to 1800mm.

What is in this setup?

1_30px 4 x HushPanel Large (1.83m) Posts
 2_30px 1x HushPanel Medium (1.23m) Posts
 3_30px 4x HushPanel Medium Acoustic Panel (1.83m x 1.16m)
  1x HushPanel Clear Polycarbonate Panel (1.83m x 0.67m)

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